• More than 1500 successfully completed events
  • Cooperation with 324 major companies of the Republic
  • There are 31 highly skilled employees in the UP Event Group

Event management

We are creating events of any scale, form and difficulty. If you apply to our company you can get unique ideas for your event in several prices. Due to rich technical base and intellectual resources company can make complete product – begin with an idea - end with a video report of event. Holding’s team it’s strong managers, liable and ambitious professionals.

Event Management – one of the main directions of the company. Here we create and realize all kind of projects regardless the scale and category. Today’s specialization is corporative events such as conferences, presentations, BTL-actions, forums, opening ceremonies and team buildings.

Also we work with individual orders – our eventers has a great experience in parties, weddings, birthdays, surprises and spoofs.

This is not all specter of our service – WE CAN DO EVERYTHING! You can test this statement by yourself and make sure of its reliability.

  • 99% of our clients recommend us as reliable partners.
  • 90% of our clients applies us again and become constant.

Our precepts

  • - Perfect organization and holding of event. We have colossal experience in event organization, we know which difficulties exact in your case can appear and we prevent it.
  • - We treating client’s money like ours – we spare them.
  • - It’s important for us to exceed your expectations.
  • - We give you a choice. Applying us you can get at least three offers for your event different by budget and creative.
  • - We ALWAYS keep our promises.
  • - Deadline – it’s a holly, we never broke terms and working forward by possibilities.
  • - For every client there is a fixed manager, which is ALWAYS available.
  • - Reputation for us more expensive than any contract.
  • - After the meeting - a resume is created, sent by e-mail to the client and to the manager.
  • - All customer wishes and changes in the project are recorded and agreed through the e-mail. If this is not available there, it’s not existing.
  • - If we can do something for the customer for free - we do it.
  • - Until all invoices are closed, the project is not completed.
  • - The incomes of employees are directly proportional to the level of self-education and self-discipline, so the team is constantly growing and developing.
  • - Our client is the one who returned to us three times. A client who has not returned to us three times is still an occasional client.
  • - For employees there is no phrase "This is not in my competence" - WE CAN EVERYTHING!


Events of the luxury class for the corporate segment are the main activities of the event department of Unique Present. Our team provides organizational support to clients at all stages of preparation and holding of the event.